Kristie L. Haack, Esq . ATTORNEY

We've all needed an Attorney at some point, right?  Perhaps you wanted to draft a Will.  Maybe you were getting divorced.  Landlord/Tenant Issue?  DUI?  It could be any number of reasons that you may have needed to hire, or at least consult, an Attorney.  On the other hand, maybe you haven't had a need... until now! So, you ask your friends, family and co-workers but all you hear are horror stories and what a nightmare the whole experience was.  Well, you've come to the right place, because...

​​HAACK LAW is... LAW DONE DIFFERENT.  What does that mean?  It means you get:  

1.  PERSONAL SERVICE:  Attorney Haack answers her own phone, does her own calendar, writes and sends her own e-mails, drafts all Invoices, etc.  She maintains a very 'hands on' approach.

2.  REASONABLE RATES:  Attorney Haack believes in and is comitted to providing outstanding legal services at affordable, yet competitive rates.

3.  DIRECT AND HONEST APPROACH:  Attorney Haack is a 'tell it like it is' kind of person.  She believes that arming her Clients with the truth and the 'reality of the situation' fairs better than filling them with falsities and unlikely outcomes.

4.  STEP-BY-STEP EXPLANATION:  During your initial meeting with Attorney Haack, she will lay out an in depth 'map' of what you can (and cannot) expect during the life of your lawsuit.

5.  OVER-PROMISE AND UNDER-DELIVER:  Wait!  What?  This is what Attorney Haack WILL NOT do. She WILL NOT make unrealistic or unlikely promises just to get you to sign a Retainer.  She does not take every case that walks thru the door and if she feels as though she can't help you she will tell you!

It is Kristie's mission to have COMPLETELY SATISFIED CLIENTS, with the hope that they  become repeat Clients and/or refer her to anyone they know who may be in need of an Attorney/Mediator.

Kristie embraces diversity and hopes to become the 'go-to' attorney within the gay community.